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Chinese-CSC Scholarship for International Students

Brief description: 

China Scholarship Council is a great resource for finding scholarships for both Chinese nationals and international students. Some of the top fully funded and partial Scholarships for overseas residents to pursue higher education at Chinese institutions are available, and IELTS is not required for Chinese Scholarships. CSC-Scholarships is another name for this Scholarship.  for Bachelor's Master's and PHD Programs

The China Scholarship Council (hereafter referred to as "CSC"), which is appointed by China's Ministry of Education, is in charge of admitting, enrolling, and administering Chinese Government Scholarship recipients.
If you want to receive higher education from a Chinese institution, follow the steps below to identify universities that provide full scholarships in your field.

 Asian Scholarships     European Scholarships

I      Host Country :    China




II       Eligible Country :   All Countries


III      Categories :


Bilateral Program: (Category A) (Type A)

  • This program allows you to apply for Chinese scholarships through Chinese embassies /consulates in your native countries.
  • Undergraduates, postgraduates, and general and senior scholars are all welcome to apply for this program.

University Program: (Category B) (Type-B)

  • The university program is intended to fund the studies of bright overseas students in China who have been directly selected and recommended by approved Chinese institutions. The supporting student categories vary depending on the criteria of each of these colleges.

Specific Programs: (Category C)

  • These initiatives are established in line with agreements between China and foreign organizations and institutions. An applicant must submit an application to the relevant international organizations and entities.

   Level's/Duration of Study : 


  •     Undergraduates    (4-5  years)
  •     Master's Programs   (2-3  years)
  •     PHD Programs    (3-4  years)


V     Taught Programs:

  •      Chinese or English

        Some programs are in Chinese and Some in English

VI     Scholarship Benefits:

  •     Full tuition coverage
  •     Accommodation free
  •   Monthly Stipend 2500 RMB (Bachelor's Candidates)
  •     Monthly Stipend 3000 RMB (Master's Candidates)
  •     Monthly Stipend 3500 RMB (PhD Candidates)
  •     Medical Insurance

VII      Eligibility:


  • Applicants must be in good health and citizens of a country other than the People's Republic of China.
  • Applicants must have a high School degree when applying for bachelor's program and be under the age of 30.
  • Applicants must have a bachelor's degree when applying for master's program and be under the age of 35.
  • When applying for a doctoral program, you must have a master's degree and be under the age of 40.
  • The applicant has a positive attitude toward China, follows all laws and regulations, and has no criminal record.

VIII      Required Documents:


Mandatory Documents:

  • Photo (Passport Size, White Background)
  • CSC Application Form
  • Passport Home Page (Must be valid, not expired)
  • Degree/Pass/Hope Certificate (Notarized Copy, Sample)
  • Transcripts/Mark sheets (Notarized Copy, Sample)
  • Language qualification certificates. (IELTS/TOEFL etc )
  • Two Recommendation letters from previous education institutes.
  • Physical Examination Form and Medical Test Reports. (Sample)
  • CV (Preferred Europass Format)

Additional documents:

  • Supervisor/Acceptance letter (mandatory in some universities)
  • Published Papers
  • Awards/Achievements/Participates
  • Experiences/Internships/Workshops

IX       Application Deadline:

  • CSC Scholarship:  October to April (Each Year)
  • Each University has its own deadline (Mostly, Nov-March)

X        How to Apply:


  • Please contact your subjected related universities for issuance of a Pre-Admission Letter (Only for Bilateral programs applicants)

How to get Acceptance letter from a Professor (Click here)
  • Please Contact your subject related professors for Acceptance/Supervisor Letter (This letter is optional but mandatory in some Universities)  (Email Draft Sample)

List of Chinese Professors

  1. Engineering (Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, electronics,textile, Petroleum, control, environment etc)
  2. Science  (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology Geology, Statistics, Agricultural, , Computer)
  3. Social Sciences (History, Economics, Political, IR, Social, Media)
  4. Business (Business and Public administration)
  5. Medical Sciences (Psychology, Medicines, DVM and Animals husbandry)
  6. Education and others (Education and English)


  • Fill CSC online Application ( studyinchina.csc.edu.cn ) and upload all required documents, then submit and download the submitted application.


  • Fill university online application, upload all required documents then submit and download the submitted application. ( this application is exempted by some Universities)


  • Prepare yourself for an online interview/test which will be conducted by admission officers and professors. (During March-May)


  • Check your email regularly for interview calls or selection emails.


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