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List of Medicines related Chinese Universities for CSC Scholarships


This is the list of Chinese universities that offer fully funded scholarships for Bachelor's, Master's and PhD programs in Medicines & Chinese Medicines for International students. 
Some universities have application fees for documents evaluations kindly check that on the official website

Note: Agency number is mandatory while filling CSC Scholarships online application.




Agency Number                            University Names:



10001                                           Peking University
10246                                           Fudan University
10023                                           Beijing Union Medical College
10248                                           Shanghai Jiao Tong University
10533                                           CENTRAL SOUTH UNIVERSITY
10558                                           SUN YAT-SEN UNIVERSITY
10312                                           Nanjing Medical University
10487             Huazhong University of Scie: & Technology
90030              The Second Military Medical University
10335                                         Zhejiang University
10183                                           Jilin University
10422                                           SHANDONG UNIVERSITY
10285                                           Soochow University
10610                                           Sichuan University
12121                                           South Medical University
10159                                           China Medical University
10486                                           WUHAN UNIVERSITY
10631                                           Chongqing Medical University
10698                                           Xian Jiaotong University
 0025                                           Capital Medical University
10062                                           Tianjin Medical University
10226                                           Harbin Medical University
10559                                           JINAN UNIVERSITY
10161                                           Dalian Medical University
10459                                           ZhengzhouUniversity
11065                                           Qingdao University

List of Chinese Scholarships Winner List 2023

Full Scholarships               Partial Scholarships

Chinese Medicines


Agency Number        University Names:




10026             Beijing University of Chinese Medicine
10268            Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
10063            Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
10315            Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine
10633            Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
10228            Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine
10441            Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
10344            Zhejiang Chinese Medical University
10162            Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
10541            Hunan University of Chinese Medicine
10507             Hubei University of Chinese Medicine
10471             Henna University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
10052             Minzu University of China
10631             Chongqing Medical University
10696             Tibetan Traditional Medical College
10716             Shanxi University of Chinese Medicine
10735             Gansu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

List of Subject-wise Chinese Professors

  1. Engineering
  2. Science
  3. Medical
  4. Business
  5. Social Science

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