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How to notarized documents?

Notary attestation is a highly significant and widespread necessity for papers, such as affidavits, agreements, powers of attorney, photocopies of birth certificates, marriage certificates, CNICs, passports, and degree certificates, among others.

How to notarize Documents?

Do you intend to travel, seek a job, or pursue higher education in another country? If so, you've probably heard of the term "Notary Attestation." It is an important stage in the process of certifying the legitimacy of papers, particularly when they are to be used in other nations. In this essay, we will look at what Notary Attestation is, why it is important, and how the process works.

How to Obtain a Notary Public Attestation

Many license advocates in your home country have been granted the authority to notarize/attest photocopies after studying and scrutinizing the original papers as well as other crucial documents such as affidavits, etc. Those advocates are known as Notaries Public, and they charge a fee for attestation of each document.

Which documents we should notarize?

For Chinese Scholarships, we should notarize only educational documents from the notary public officer ( Registered Advocate) list given below. 

If you are applying for Bachelor's programs then you should notarize the following documents.

  1. Intermediate Certificate and Marksheet (Photocopies)
  2. Matriculation Certificate and Marksheet (photocopies)

If you are applying for Master's programs then you should notarize the following documents.

  1. Bachelor's Degree/Pass/Provisional/Hope certificate (Photocopy)
  2. Transcripts / Marksheet (Photocopy)

If you are applying for PhD programs then you should notarize the following documents.

  1. Bachelor's degree. (Photocopy)
  2. Bachelor's Transcripts (Photocopy)
  3. Master's degree/Pass/Provisional/Hope Certificate
  4. Master's Transcript /MarkSheets (Photocopies)

Notarized documents Sample

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