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TWAS-CSIR Postgraduates Fellowships 2023

Brief description: 

The TWAS (The World Academy of Sciences) and CSIR (Council of Scientific and Industrial Research) Postgraduate Fellowship programmes in India were created to help students from developing countries pursue postgraduate studies (PhD and Post Doctral Programs) in scientific fields offered by CSIR laboratories and institutes in India.


These fellowships were designed to give bright researchers the opportunity to perform high-quality research in a variety of areas, including but not limited to chemistry, physics, biology, mathematics, and engineering. Depending on the exact programme and degree of study, fellowships might last up to five years.



I.        Host Country:    India



II.        Eligible Countries:  Total 138 developing countries are eligible for this fellowship.


The majority of TWAS activities assist research and engineering in the poor nations mentioned below through PhD fellowships, visiting scientists, and other opportunities.


1.        Afghanistan

2.        Algeria

3.        Angola

4.        Antigua and Barbuda

5.        Argentina

6.        Aruba

7.        Azerbaijan

8.        Bahamas

9.        Bahrain

10.     Bangladesh

11.     Barbados

12.     Belize

13.     Benin

14.     Bhutan

15.     Bolivia

16.     Botswana

17.     Brazil

18.     Brunei

19.     Burkina Faso

20.     Burundi

21.     Cambodia

22.     Cameroon

23.     Cape Verde

24.     Central African Rep.

25.     Chad

26.     Chile

27.     China

28.     Taiwan, China

29.     Colombia

30.     Comoros

31.     Congo, Dem. Rep.

32.     Congo, Rep.

33.     Costa Rica

34.     Côte d'Ivoire

35.     Cuba

36.     Djibouti

37.     Dominica

38.     Dominican Rep.

39.     Ecuador

40.     Egypt

41.     El Salvador

42.     Eritrea

43.     Eswatini, Kingdom of

44.     Ethiopia

45.     Fiji

46.     Gabon

47.     Gambia

48.     Ghana

49.     Grenada

50.     Guadeloupe

51.     Guatemala

52.     Guinea

53.     Guinea Equatorial

54.     Guinea-Bissau

55.     Guyana

56.     Haiti

57.     Honduras

58.     India

59.     Indonesia

60.     Iran, Isl. Rep.

61.     Iraq

62.     Jamaica

63.     Jordan

64.     Kazakhstan

65.     Kenya

66.     Kiribati

67.     Kuwait

68.     Kyrgyzstan

69.     Lao PDR

70.     Lebanon

71.     Lesotho

72.     Liberia

73.     Libya

74.     Madagascar

75.     Malawi

76.     Malaysia

77.     Maldives

78.     Mali

79.     Mauritania

80.     Mauritius

81.     Mexico

82.     Micronesia, Federated States of

83.     Mongolia

84.     Morocco

85.     Mozambique

86.     Myanmar

87.     Namibia

88.     Nepal

89.     Nicaragua

90.     Niger

91.     Nigeria

92.     Oman

93.     Pakistan

94.     Palau

95.     Palestine (West Bank and Gaza Strip)

96.     Panama

97.     Papua New Guinea

98.     Paraguay

99.     Peru

100.  Philippines

101.  Qatar

102.  Rwanda

103.  Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

104.  Samoa

105.  São Tomé and Príncipe

106.  Saudi Arabia

107.  Senegal

108.  Seychelles

109.  Sierra Leone

110.  Solomon Islands

111.  Somalia

112.  South Africa

113.  South Sudan

114.  Sri Lanka

115.  Sudan

116.  Suriname

117.  Syrian Arab Republic

118.  Tajikistan

119.  Tanzania

120.  Thailand

121.  Timor-Leste

122.  Togo

123.  Tonga

124.  Trinidad and Tobago

125.  Tunisia

126.  Republic of Türkiye

127.  Turkmenistan

128.  Tuvalu

129.  Uganda

130.  United Arab Emirates

131.  Uruguay

132.  Uzbekistan

133.  Vanuatu

134.  Venezuela

135.  Vietnam

136.  Yemen

137.  Zambia

138.  Zimbabwe




III.        Level's/Duration of Study :  



  • PhD:           4 Years
  • Post Doc:    12 months            



IV.        Taught Programs:


  • ·         English 



Eligible Fields

01-Agricultural Sciences

02-Structural, Cell and Molecular Biology

03-Biological Systems and Organisms

04-Medical and Health Sciences incl. Neurosciences

05-Chemical Sciences

06-Engineering Sciences

07-Astronomy, Space and Earth Sciences

08-Mathematical Sciences





V.        Scholarship Benefits:  


  • CSIR will provide a monthly stipend to cover for living costs, food and health insurance.
  • The monthly stipend will not be convertible into foreign currency.
  • Fellowship awardees are entitled to subsidized accommodation.


VI.        Eligibility:



Applicants for these fellowships must meet the following criteria:


·         Be a maximum age of 35/45 years on 31 December of the application year for PhD/Post-Doc programs


·         Be nationals of a developing country (other than India).


·         Must not hold any visa for temporary or permanent residency in India or any developed country.


·         Hold a Master's degree/PhD degree in science and technology.


·         Be regularly employed in their home country and hold a research assignment there.


·         SANDWICH Fellowships: Be registered PhD students in their home country and provide the "Registration and No Objection Certificate" from the HOME university.


·         FULL-TIME Fellowships: Be willing to register at a university in India within the first year, if agreed to by CSIR.


·         Provide evidence that s/he will return to her/his home country on completion of the fellowship;


·         not take up other assignments during the period of her/his fellowship;


·         Be financially responsible for any accompanying family members.


·         Be accepted at a CSIR laboratory/institution and provide an official acceptance letter from the host institution (see sample Acceptance Letter that can be downloaded below or included in the Application Form). NB: Requests for acceptance must be directed to the chosen CSIR host institution(s), with a copy to the CSIR contact person.  This will allow CSIR to monitor requests and offer support or assistance in finding  suitable host institution(s), if necessary;



VII.        Required Documents:


·         Applicants who are already registered for a PhD in their home country should ensure that the Vice-Chancellor or Registrar of their HOME university signs a copy of the "Registration and No Objection Certificate" (see sample included in the Application Form), a copy of which should be sent to both CSIR and TWAS.


·         When applying, applicants must provide an acceptance letter from a CSIR institution to CSIR and TWAS, or before the deadline. The application will not be considered for selection until preliminary acceptance is obtained.

·       Applications for the TWAS-CSIR Postgraduate Fellowship Programme must be submitted to TWAS ONLY using the online portal, and a copy of the submitted application must be emailed to CSIR. A tutorial on how to utilize the online application form may be downloaded here.

·         Please be aware that candidates may only apply for one programme in the TWAS and OWSD portfolios each calendar year. Applicants will not be able to attend another university under the TWAS Visiting Professor programmes that year. One exception: If the head of an institution asks an external scholar to offer his or her experience through the TWAS Visiting Professor programmes, the head of the institution may still apply for another programme.




VIII.        Application Deadline:


§  The application deadline is 15-09-2023



Contact Details

TWAS Fellowships Office

ICTP Campus, Strada Costiera 11 34151 Trieste, Italy


Sr. Principal Scientist International S&T Affairs Directorate (ISTAD)
 Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR)

        Anusandhan Bhavan, 2, Rafi Marg, New Delhi 110 001

        Tel:  +91-11-23316751; Fax: +91-11-23739041

        E-mail: anuradha@csir.res.in Web: www.csir.res.in

        Contact email: fellowships@twas.org



IX.        How to Apply:  



For more details visit the official website:    Apply Now


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