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Chinese Physical Form for Study, Work or Visit Visa

The Chinese Physical Examination Form is a standardised medical document needed by the Chinese government for those wanting to study, work, or live in China for a prolonged period of time. This form acts as a physical exam tool, ensuring that persons entering China are healthy and free of specific infectious illnesses. The form is frequently used for student visa applications, work visa applications, and other long-term stays in China.

The Chinese Physical Examination Form is a necessary document for anybody wishing to study, work, or live in China for a long period of time. Completing the form properly and satisfying the health standards assures a smooth admission and stay in the country. 



Questions & Answers

Q. How i can get this Chinese physical form?

A. You can download from Google or any browser.

Q. Is this form is Mandatory while applying?

A. Yes, its Mandatory for all Universities amd Scholarships  when you will apply.

Q. If i fill this form by hand which is acceptable or not?

A. Yes you can fill this form by hand or computerized both are acceptable but paste photo with glue (not Computerzied)

Q. Who can signed and stamped this physical form?

A.  Any physical surgeon  either he/she is Govt or Private Doctor doesn't matter.

Q. Is there any validity of this form?

A. Yes, its validity is only six months 

Q. Are test reports mandatory?

A. Yes , all tests are mandatory which mentioned on Physical Form or above. And must merge with Physical Form and upload on CSC or University System.

Q. Which test reports are mandatory?

A. These medical tests are mandatory for Chinese scholarship or admission etc. 

HIB, HCV, HIV, Chest X-ray and Bloog Group Test

You can also add coronavirus vaccination certificate

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