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Tsinghua University Scholarships for Bachelor's Degree holder to pursue PhD educations 2024

Brief description:

Tsinghua University is one of the top-ranking and best universities in China and this University is a comprehensive university directly under the Ministry of Education in China. It is also one of the key construction universities of the national "985 Project" and "211 Project", and is one of the national "double first-class" construction universities.

Tsinghua University boasts of a wide range of disciplines, covering many disciplines, and has a large number of advantageous disciplines in Sciences, Technology, Arts, Business, and Humanities
List of Top Chinese Scholarships

Tsinghua University provides China Scholarship Council (CSC) Scholarships and other Scholarships to recruit bright overseas students who have completed their bachelor's education and want to study at one of China's best institutions for their  doctorate (PhD) degrees. The CSC Scholarship is a fully financed programme supported by the Chinese government that covers tuition, housing, living expenses, and medical insurance. Applicants must satisfy particular criteria, including non-Chinese citizenship and academic abilities, to be considered.

How to write a Research Proposal? (Click here)

In 2024, over 30 departments and schools in the university will accept international students with Bachelor's degrees to pursue Doctoral degrees

I.                  Host Country China


II.        Eligible Countries:  All Countries


III.        Level's/Duration of Study

  • PhD Programs.  (4-5 years)

List of 30 departments and Schools

In 2024, over 30 departments and schools in the university will accept international students with Bachelor's degrees to pursue Doctoral degree

  1. Department of Civil Engineering
  2. Department of Hydraulic Engineering 
  3. School of Environment
  4. Department of Mechanical Engineering
  5. Department of Precision Instrument 
  6. Department of Energy and Power Engineering
  7. School of Vehicle and Mobility 
  8. Department of Electrical Engineering
  9. Department of Electronic Engineering
  10. Department of Computer Science and Technology
  11. Department of Automotion 
  12. School of Integrated Circuits
  13. School of Aerospace Engineering 
  14. Department of Chemical Engineering
  15. School of Materials Science and Engineering
  16. Department of Mathematical Sciences
  17. Department of Physics 
  18. Department of Chemistry
  19. School of Life Sciences
  20. Department of Earth System Science
  21. Institute for Interdisciplinary Information Sciences
  22. School of Economics and Management 
  23. PBC School of Finance
  24. School of Humanities
  25. School of Social Sciences 
  26. Department of Astronomy 
  27. Institute of Educaiton
  28. School of Medicine 
  29. Schoo of Pharmaceutical Sciences 
  30. School of Software

IV.        Taught Programs:


  • English
  • Chinese
Some courses are available in the Chinese language


V.        Scholarship Benefits

  •     Full tuition coverage
  •     Accommodation free
  •     Monthly Stipend 3500 RMB (PhD Candidates)
  •     Medical Insurance

VI.        Eligibility:

  • Must not be Chinese Citizens
  • Applicants Must have Bachelor's Degree or Provesional/Hope certificate
  • Applicants must have Research Experiences/Skills
  • Must be Medically Good
  • Must not have been offered other Scholarships
  • Must have HSK or Above for Chinese  Courses
  • For English medium programs, applicants must provide an English proficiency certificate. 
  • IELTS/TOEFL or any other Official English Language Certificate

VII.        Required Documents:

  •    CSC Scholarships Form
  •    University Online Application
  •    Passport (Must not be expired)
  •    Bachelor's Degree (Must be verified)
  •    Bachelor's Transcripts (Must be verified)
  •    Medical  Form and Test Reports (Sample)
  •    Personal Statement
  •    Research Proposal (Click Here)
  •    Two Recommendation letters
  •    Chinese Language Proficiency (HSK)
  •    English Language Certificate (IELTS/TOEFL etc)
  •    Acceptance Letter from  professor
  •    Pre-admission letter by Tsingua University/Schools
  •    Police Non-criminal Certificate (Sample)
  •    Awards Certificate (Optional)
  •    Research Papers.   (Optional)
  •    Experience Certificates (Optional)
  •    CV/Resume

Note:  Two recommendation letters from scholarswho hold the title of associate professor or higher.

The letters must state that the Bachelor's degree holder has the learning and research ability to pursue a Doctoral degree directly.

How to verify Degree and transcripts?

1. Degree authentication issued by the Overseas Study Service Center of the Ministry of Education of the P.R.China: http://zwfw.cscse.edu.cn/(Only for the degrees issued by overseas universities )

2. Degree authentication issued by China Academic Degrees and Graduate Education Development Center (CDGDC): https://www.chsi.com.cn/xwcx/index.jsp(Only for the degrees issued by universities in Mainland China

VIII.        Application Deadline:
  • September 2023 to February 2024 (University online application)
  • 15-October to15-December (CSC Scholarships)
  • Deadline and application batch's vary among different schools and departments

IX.        How to Apply:  

How to apply for CSC Scholarships 2024 (Click Here)


How to get Acceptance letter from a Professor ( Click here)

List of Chinese Professors

  1. Engineering (Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, electronics,textile, Petroleum, control, environment etc)
  2. Science  (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology Geology, Statistics, Agricultural, , Computer)
  3. Social Sciences (History, Economics, Political, IR, Social, Media)
  4. Business (Business and Public administration)
  5. Medical Sciences (Psychology, Medicines, DVM and Animals husbandry)
  6. Education and others (Education and English)



  • Consult your target school/department for your CSC Scholarships Type B application eligibility and requirements in advance.
  • Tsinghua University only selects scholarship candidates from pre-admitted students



  • Pay Application processing fees: 800 RMB (Before Last date)
  • Check your email on a regular basis; the Admissions Office will send you an email with a pre-admission letter or will contact you if something is missing or necessary.  
  • After getting Pre-admission Letter then fill CSC Online Application and upload all required documents including Pre-admission letter then submit.

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