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Zhejiang University CSC and ZGS Scholarships 2024

Brief description:

Zhejiang University is a distinguished school of higher learning located in Hangzhou, a city known across China for its rich history and cultural significance. Zhejiang University's forerunner was among the pioneering institutions built by the Chinese themselves, dating back to 1897.
Zhejiang institution embarked on a road of reform and growth, seeing itself as a high-level, world-class institution with distinct Chinese features. Zhejiang University has maintained a strong reputation of promoting innovation, emphasising global responsibility, and rooting itself in truth throughout its long history. The spirit of diligence, morality, and persistence embodied by the Heiner River, Qingzhen, and Zhenda principles is still important to the institution's values.
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Zhejiang University offers 13 different academic fields, including philosophy, economics, law, and medicine.The university has 39 professional colleges, 7 academic departments, and 7 hospitals that are directly linked with it. As of 2022, the student body includes 65,821 full-time students, 5,123 international students, and a teaching staff of 9,746, which includes 24 full-time academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and 21 full-time academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. Zhejiang University has achieved considerable success, advancing to the second round of "Double First Class" Construction Colleges and making substantial progress in the fifth phase of topic assessments.

Zhejiang University is well-known for its diverse academic programmes at the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels. Among the subjects covered by the university's faculties are engineering, business, science, law, and social sciences. With a strong emphasis on research and innovation, the school consistently produces graduates who are well-versed in both theory and practise, ready to contribute to a wide range of industries. 

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Zhejiang University's research activities keep a global perspective, striving to provide scientific and engineering answers to tomorrow's problems with the purpose of making a positive effect on the world. The university's research endeavours are distinguished by top-tier research, independent and unique thinking, and a dedication to high-quality education.

Zhejiang University is committed to promoting academic performance and offering financial support to qualified students through a variety of scholarship initiatives. These scholarships are designed to identify and reward outstanding achievements by providing financial assistance to those who demonstrate outstanding academic performance, leadership talents, and a willingness to contribute to their particular fields. Scholarships are offered at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, and they span a wide range of subjects.

Zhejiang University is accepting applications for following Scholarships

  • CSC Scholarships Type A: Bachelor's, master's and PhD programs (Fully Funded Scholarships)
  • CSC Scholarships Type B: Master's and PhD programs (Fully funded Scholarships)
  • Zhejiang Government Scholarships : Bachelor's and Master's  Programs

I.                  Host Country China


II.        Eligible Countries:  

  • All Countries


III.        Level's/Duration of Study

  • Bachelor's programs (4-5 Year's)
  • Master's Programs (2-4 Years)
  • PhD Programs.  (3-6 years)

IV.        Taught Programs:


  • English
  • Chinese

All bachelor's courses are Chinese Taught programs
Master's and PhD English taught programs available

V.        Scholarship Benefits

CSC Scholarships 
Type A

  •     Full tuition coverage
  •     Accommodation free
  •     Monthly Stipend 2500 RMB (Bachelor's programs)
  •     Monthly Stipend 3000 RMB (Master's Candidates)
  •     Monthly Stipend 3500 RMB (PhD Candidates)
  •     Medical Insurance 800 RMB per year

CSC Scholarships
 Type B
  •     Full tuition coverage
  •     Accommodation free
  •     Monthly Stipend 3000 RMB (Master's Candidates)
  •     Monthly Stipend 3500 RMB (PhD Candidates)
  •     Medical Insurance 800 RMB per year

Zhejiang Government Scholarships

  •     Bachelor's Stipend: 20,000 RMB (Only for one year)
  •     Master's stipend: 30,000 RMB (Only for is one year)

VI.        Eligibility:

  • Must not be Chinese Citizens
  • Bachelor's  applicants Must have FA/ FSc/ Intermediate/ High school certificates
  • Master's  applicants Must have Bachelor's Degree
  • PhD  Applicants must have a Master's Degree
  • The age limit for bachelor's programs  is 25 years
  • The age limit for master's programs  is 35 years
  • The Age limit for PhD programs maximum is 40 years
  • HSK-5 (180 Points) is required for Chinese Taught Programs.
  • IELTS/TOEFL or any other Official English Language Certificate from previous institute is also acceptable.

List of English Language certificate exempted countries

VII.        Required Documents:

  •     Scholarships Form
  •    University Online Application
  •    Passport (Must be valid)
  •    Degree/Pass/Provesional Certificate(Notarized Copy) (Sample)
  •    Transcripts/Marksheet/Score cards (Notarized Copy) (Sample)
  •    Medical  Form and Test Reports (Sample)
  •    Research Proposal/ Study Plan  (More than 1500 words)
  •    Two Recommendation letters
  •    English Language Certificate (IELTS/TOEFL etc)
  •    HSK-5 is required for Chinese Taught Programs
  •    Acceptance Letter from professor (Mandatory)
  •    Police Non-criminal Certificate (Sample)
  •    Awards Certificate (Optional)
  •    Research Papers.   (Optional)
  •    Experience Certificates (Optional)
  •    CV/Resume

VIII.        Application Deadline:
  • 31-Dec-2023  (CSC Scholarships Type B)
  • 29-Feb-2024 (Zhejiang Govt Scholarships)
  • CSC Scholarships type A  (Bilateral programs) for deadline and requirements visit your home country Chinese embassy/Higher education Authorities website.

IX.        How to Apply:  

CSC scholarships 
Type A


  • Fill CSC online application, choose Type A Bilateral programs then put agency number of your home country Chinese embassy/Consulates or  dispatching authorities then upload all required documents  thenclick on submit button and download CSC form .( Pakistani applicants should apply via HEC, Pakistan)

  • Fill University online application then choose CSC Scholarships Type A Bilateral programs then upload all required documents  then click on submit and download university application.

  • Prepare all required documents including printed and signed both applications then submit to your home country Chinese embassy or Chinese consulates or any authorities  ( Pakistani applicants should apply through HEC-PAKISTAN

Note: For more details explore Chinese embassy/ consulates website of your home country. (Example: Chinese Embassy in Pakistan or Yemen or Turkey etc)

CSC scholarships 
Type B

  • Try to get Acceptance Letter from your subject Related Zhejiang University of China Professors (Email Draft Sample)
  • Acceptance letter Official Format is available in ZJU site.

List of Chinese Professors

  1. Engineering (Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, electronics,textile, Petroleum, control, environment etc)
  2. Science  (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology Geology, Statistics, Agricultural, , Computer)
  3. Social Sciences (History, Economics, Political, IR, Social, Media)
  4. Business (Business and Public administration)
  5. Medical Sciences (Psychology, Medicines, DVM and Animals husbandry)
  6. Education and others (Education and English)


  • After getting Acceptance Letter prepare all above mentioned required documents



  • After submitting CSC online Application kindly download that CSC online application.
  • Submit University online Application  choose Chinese government Scholarships  and upload the required documents including the Signed CSC scholarship application or put just CSC serial Number.
  • Pay  application Fees : 800 RMB 

Zhejiang Government Scholarships

  •  Download the Zhejiang Provincial Government Scholarships form from the link provided below, then fill out the scholarship form and University online application upload all relevant documents, including the ZJU Provesional Scholarships form.

  • Check your email regularly, Admission Office will ask you if something is missing or required 
  • Check your email (inbox/spam/junk box), after the documents are reviewed, they will send you an email for an interview/Test 

(If link is not working use VPN or Opera Browser)

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